Next mandatory vaccine battleground is homeschooled children


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Nov 29, 2008
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This is where you set aside your personal bigotries and battle for everyone's children or take a chance of losing the parental rights for your children as these criminals have no intention of losing their trillions over a few poor bastards that have been trying to battle this with very few and limited resources. It will take organized coalitions of like minded freedom loving individuals to retain liberty.

Iowa also has a Medical Freedom Act proposed. It may be too late to get it passed but if the people can get together and demand it, when one falls the rest will end up following.

In North Carolina, Arizona, Oregon, Ohio and other states they have taken away the children of home schoolers and anti-vaxxers (because they could).

Today, the only option parents in California have to get an exemption to vaccines as a requirement for school attendance, is to get their doctor to sign a medical exemption.

However, the pro-pharmaceutical lobby in California has not been satisfied with the results of SB277, and are now going after doctors who write medical exemptions for vaccines. See:

Senator-Doctor Wants California to Eliminate Doctor’s Medical Exemptions to Vaccines

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