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New Corona Variant, that might be very dangerous, spreads in South Africa


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Mar 23, 2010
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Ok, and is the government always right ? Nope... They can screw up worse than anyone, and so what did Biden say - "there is no federal solution to the pandemic". If he got one right, it was that one. They need to get out of the medical business, and just help if they need to, otherwise by funding medical tech that makes sense, but stop trying to run everything as if they know everything because they don't.
The people that come up with the guidelines, recommendation, etc are not the politicians. Most politicians don't know jack shit about epidemics. The people that make the rules, and recommendations are the scientists working in infectious diseases and the epidemiologist at the CDC. Their recommendations go through the CDC Director and Fauci, who have many years of education and experience in public health and medical research. Yes, they do make mistakes but without them there would be no vaccines and no guidelines. One state would be telling the people one thing and another state would be saying the very opposite. People would treat Covid like the flu just like they did in the Spanish Influenza epidemic of 2018 that kill 3.5% of the population. After a few years and an about 10 million deaths the epidemic would end.

I really don't think the way to handle an epidemic is to do nothing and just let the disease run it's the course. We did that for centuries because it was the only option and the results were tragic. To answer your question, the goverment is not always right but someone has make the big decisions that effect the nation.
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