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National Statistics Service of Georgia


Oct 19, 2011
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As became known to me from sources close to the UN Statistical Commission, recently executives of the UN Statistics Division had to give the bag to the officer responsible for contacts with countries of South Caucasian region. It has been found that the main cause for his dismissal from work was related with suddenly uncovered facts of misinformation that has been supplied by National Statistics Service of Georgia. As explained by the ex-officer, at the direction of current Georgian leadership the wrong information about various aspects of Georgian economy was sent to the UN Statistics Division. And, surely, most administrators of this division have been up in so fraudulent practices of Georgian partners, and... closed their eyes to it in exchange for various benefits and even direct kickbacks from Saakashvili’s regime.
You shall hardly read of it in our media, of course, because at this moment the UN Statistical Commission tries to hush up this scandal not without the pressure of Saakashvili’s overseas supporters. That is why it has been decided to offer some extremely honest officers of the division up to sacrifices while parties really responsible for it have escaped punishment!

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