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Microsoft Becoming Democracy


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Oct 15, 2016
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The story starts when one of the visitors on Microsoft’s territory discover some unused reserved of cooking oil. This causes some long chain of event that leads to US wanting to end Bill Gates’ dictatorship and promoting democracy in the company.

A quick war follows. A bunch of marines with weapons capable of shooting 160 democracies per minute is storming the front gate. The final blows come when some F-35 plane drops 16 tons mother of all “democracy” on Bill Gates’ command center.

Microsoft then becomes a democracy. Every customer, every employee, every visitor, every shareholder, of Microsoft becomes citizens with one vote each. Share ownership are turned into citizenship in a reverse way from what’s being done here. Turning Countries into Companies – Get Rich Bang Babes

“Democracy Fuck Yeah,” says Bob, one of the janitor that is naturalized

“Microsoft empire has a founder,” says Charlie, an economist. “If we turn every company build by geniuses into democracy, we will have serious under supply of startup. Who wants to build start up if everybody ends up owning it?”

“Democracy Fuck Yeah,” says Bob, whose vote now have the same weight with Charlie.

“It’s about time we end the tyrannies of startup founders, and CEOs, and replace that with tyranny of majority. I am sure we’ll do this just as well,” says Donny, a political scientist.

Many things remain the same. Microsoft still have leaders. It’s now called president instead of CEO. It’s board of directors are now called legislators and senate. Its human resources are now called justice department.

Under democracy, everyone has the same voting power. So, everyone roughly have the same share.

The people in Microsoftsia uses their common sense of justice to govern Microsoft.

“Wealth without work is sin. Forget dividend,” says Eddie, a conservative, “Dividend is like welfare. We should get rid of it. Instead, we should create jobs.”

So now, benefits to Microsoft’s shareholders, now called citizens, come in the form of jobs creation, minimum wage, and jobs’ protection from foreign competitors.

That means Microsoft can no longer higher the best of the best programmers. It has to prioritize its citizens.

“Better programmers are taking away our jobs,” complains Fiona, a girl that can’t code but want to be a programmer anyway, “We need to guard our borders so girls like me get hired instead.” Microsoft’s products’ quality like Windows and Offices, simply plummet. Microsoft’s market share then goes to Apple.

Creating jobs, instead of giving dividend, disproportionally benefit genetically modified Indians. Genetically modified Indians are ethnic Indian ethnic groups that are genetically modified to be more suitable for coding, customer servicing, and ceoing.

Soon, every other race and ethnic group demands affirmative action. They usually do so by complaining that their ancestors were once oppressed.

“My ancestors were a stripper,” says Gwen, “A well-endowed Russian girl. Because of that, I need to be helped so I can more easily be accepted as programmer.”

“My great great great grandma (when she was young) had to suck many Japanese cocks in various JAV and Bukkake movies,” complains Helen, an attractive Eurasian girl. “I think I should have priority in hiring when working as programmers.”

“Perhaps Gwen, Hellen, and their ancestors are not genetically fit to be programmers. Perhaps they should just embrace jobs that match their genes more, like becoming a housewife,” complains Ian, a geneticist.

The justice department then sentence Ian for “hate speech.”

“Democracy also solves problem that Microsoft used to have but refuse to acknowledge, so I am seeing more positive things happening,” Donny adds, “For example, people with Down Syndrome used to be heavily under represented on Microsoft’s top paying programmers. We need more diversity.”

“Affirmative action allows me to be a programmer in Microsoft,” says John, a teenager with down syndrome, “but once, I get in, I sense an invisible glass ceiling that prevent me from moving forward.”

More committees are then built to ensure more representative of people with down syndrome in Microsoft top paid programmers.

All in all, democracy does not only benefit the poor, but also the rich.

“Before, if I want to influence Microsoft’s direction, I have to buy tons of Microsoft’s stocks at market price,” says Kevin, CEO of Rent Seeking Incorporated.

“Now, I just need to persuade existing citizens with no clue how to run a company to buy my widgets for 100 times the market price,” Kevin adds, “All I need to do is sponsor some religious leaders that will promote CEOs on my pockets, and the new CEO will approve the purchase if he wants to win the next election.”

“The problem of democracy is the people are too stupid to govern. To fix that, we need to govern our country based on Syariah principle, where only ulamas like me can vote,” says Leo, a religious leader in Kevin’s pocket.

“That is an utter bullshit,” protest Mark, “An atheist that see through the whole game.”

“That’s blasphemy,” complains Nathan, another ulama on Kevin’s pocket, “This guy says that our holy religion is used to utter some bullshit.”

“Behead Mark,” says Omar, a moderate muslim.

Omar’s bro, Pete, a radical muslim, is not as moderate as Omar though. Pete bombed many offices killing tons of programmers. That greatly increase Microsoft’s turnover rate.

“I think we need to guard religious sensibility of all our citizens to prevent things like this from happening again,” says Quinn, the ex-head of Microsoft’s humans’ resources department, now head of supreme court of Microsoftsia.

So, Mark, got beheaded, Leo becomes vice CEO, and Kevin makes tons of money selling overpriced widgets to Microsoft. Kevin then promotes even more religious influence in Microsoft. Microsoftsia then move away from secularism.

Being a democracy, Microsoft is still much better governed than many other states that are based on religions. At least most decisions are not settled by civil war but by voting. That increase land value of Microsoft’s territory.

Most voters do not understand economy. They just want redistribution of wealth. So, they tax high income individuals and use the money to build infrastructures. This then increases the value of land.

…. Waiting for more revelation on next scripture…. Any ideas?


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Oct 15, 2016
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I think I am trying to explain why we have issues like what we have in democratic countries and how those issues are simply non existent in typical corporations. I think states should be more like corporations instead. I think rich investors should be able to create mini semi private custom states like they can create corporations.

For example, it explains why religions have significant influences in democratic countries. Religions can convince people to choose certain candidates and hence facilitating rent seeking against the interests of the people. This is more obvious in democratic countries, whose people's interests are not clear. In Corporations, where people's interests are clear, religions have no roles.

And that is why many religious leaders and libtard often get "offended". What offends them is far from what's typically offensive for most people. You don't offend anyone's feeling. You offend their money. They can't steal from you if people don't believe their religious dogma. It's a trick.

It's not like they are unprivileged and hence more "sensitive" compared to normal people, the cis, white, asians, businessmen.

No. They are privileged. They aimed to be privileged. They aimed to rule like kings. And kings need bullshit to keep the people enslaved. And bullshits' main enemy is truth. Hence, every truth is declared "offensive" by those living out of bullshit.

However, the states compete with another states like corporations compete with another. To me, that's utopia, not very far from reality.
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