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Mayweather/Ortiz Championship


Sep 25, 2011
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Mayweather won the fight. But, not as a champion.

Ortiz lost the fight because he did not abide by the first rule of boxing: Protect yourself at all times.

The Referee Cortez failed to perform one of his major duties: to protect his fighters as much as possible within the rules of boxing.

Overall assessment: Mayweather used two cheapshots prior to the fight: the use of hands during the pre-fight face off. And, have his rep come in deliberately late during the fists wrap-up to psych out Ortiz. During the fight, the legal, but unchampionlike sucker punch. This qualifies Mayweather as 1000 carat arsehole.

Ortiz deliberately head-butted Mayweather. This illegal action resulted in Ortiz losing the fight because subsequently he did not protect himself at all times.

The referee Cortez failed in his duties as a referee, as stated above. Cortez turned out to be a dud.

Do you agree with my assessment ?
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