Man spent $7K from son's charitable fund to pay for escorts


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Jun 8, 2009
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Out of the money that strangers donated for a Manville toddler whose mother and siblings died in a 2007 fire, thousands of it went for expenses that had nothing to do with the boy, like the $7,107 his father spent on an escort service, a detective testified today.

Officials say Tubal Eduardo Sr. drained the funds that poured in for his youngest son, Noah, after a blaze killed the rest of their family in the Central Jersey borough.

The Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office has charged Eduardo, 32, of Somerville, with third-degree theft by failure to make required disposition of funds. He is on trial before Superior Court Judge Paul Armstrong in Somerville, and if convicted, Eduardo faces up to five years in state prison.

The school, where Tubal Jr. attended kindergarten, collected $38,351.24, the state says. Det. Schutta traced the spending pattern and told jurors that between September and December 2007, Eduardo made 19 purchases that could not have been for the child. Some were at liquor stores.

Somerville man spent $7K from son's charitable fund to pay for escorts, police say | -

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