Lyman Lambastes SRF Reliance on Military Option


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Oct 17, 2012
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Former US envoy for Sudan, Princeton N. Lyman, currently working as advisor to US institute of peace (USIP), criticized in a briefing at the institute the so-called Sudan Revolutionary Front counting on military action more than on chances of peaceful solution.

"The SRF calls for peaceful solution in its political address, but its field practices put that address into question," he said, adding, inclusive national dialogue was the sole way for resolving Sudan's crisis, and that South Sudan separation was not enough to end the now on-going conflicts in the country.

The former envoy proposed that Sudan government defer the general elections scheduled for 2015 to two years, and introduce political reforms instead, in addition to forming a broad-based government comprised of Islamists, opposition groups and rebels to realize national reconciliation, maintaining that splits within political parties would negatively affect national dialogue.

Talking to Reuters, Lyman warned the government against repeating the scenario of the defective elections conducted in 2010 to bestow legitimacy on itself. "Time is now opportune for Sudanese to enter into genuine dialogue," he noted, saying, the national roundtable conference can be steered by the AUHIP.

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