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Librorum Prohibitorum All Over Again(?)! Remembering Lincoln's Field Hospitals For White People(?)!


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Feb 22, 2009
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Amendment One is not about censorship. In the 4.0 mil. year, pre-farming history of the human species: Not even Facebook was censored(?)! It is now even premature to have any liberals, even look that up(?)! Coming out of the Original Self-Service paradise: Some humans likely stumbled into farmlands, only 5000 years ago. Among the ancient Sumer, a loan of four barley measures--maybe to do a crop--was repaid with four measures of barley. Usury was invented, civilizing all humanity yet to happen. Usury was engaged in creating a stable food supply, agriculture tools, and even better: Likely Barley Beer(!).

Moses, the no-where famous, Dirty Atrocity-making subjugator--skilled in all the arts of Imperial Egypt, (Acts 7): Claimed that a deity mythology was in fact opposed to the caviling math of Sumer. First censorship, of the Hebrew Origins, included usury. Except when applied as a subjugation tool, Israel could not do the math(?). Moslem nations allege that now(?), even though Mohammed the Prophet--wasn't too keen on wealth from Riba, (usury), either.

Jesus ben Joseph, Son of Mary, Called, "Oh Christ," by which entire billions even now, know other messaging: Did show the math, Matthew 25:14-30. It was regarded "Kingdom of Heaven," a Moses Mythology, inspired messaging.

Starting even with pig-meat, other censorship would follow.

Index Librorum Prohibitorum - New World Encyclopedia

Now it inspires even Presidents: Who famously know that in truly engages, "Many, Many Sides: Many Sides!"

Not even rabbis, seem to want to notice: The basis genocide attempt, 1861-1865--and the various tools that were engaged. The military Field Hospitals, are discussed about as the Jewish Clergy, leading all the people, "All Aboard!"

The Holy Father, in common with Her Majesty's Anglicans--generally fails to bring matters up(?)!

Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred."
(Lands of Many Nations, rarely mentioned--Except that Great White Savior, Larry Flynt, has a Casino, not in Nevada, himself--"Lucky Lady!")

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