Lawrence Taylor - Child Rapist or Run of the Mill Scumbag?


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Jun 8, 2009
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The 16-year-old prostitute who was allegedly raped by Lawrence Taylor told the New York Post that her alleged pimp, Rasheed Davis, forced her to tell the former Giants linebacker that was 19 years old.

The teenager also detailed the beating that Davis gave her before the pair drove from the Bronx to Rockland County to meet Taylor at a hotel room.

When she entered the hotel room, the teenager, whose identity has been withheld, said the lights were off so Taylor didn't see the injuries that were visible to police after the teenager's uncle called 911. The teenager also reportedly told Taylor she was 19, as she was instructed by Davis to do, and told the Post that she feared for her safety if she didn't have sex with Taylor.
Teenage prostitute who allegedly was raped by Lawrence Taylor offers details about incident | -

One of the comments on this article said the age of consent in NY is 17, and it doesn't matter that "he didn't know".

Jail or a slap on the wrist?

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