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Kurt Schlichter: Quisling Republicans...what do you think happens next?


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Jul 19, 2014
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To the Republican members of the democrat party, and to the quisling republicans....what do you think is going to happen next?

Kurt Schlichter points out that the Tea Party and Trump were warnings and polite requests.....

As I see it...the Tea Party was the polite request to the Republicans....do your fucking jobs.

Trump? Trump was the fed up Tea Party grabbing the face mask and slapping the side of the helmut because the Republicans keep dropping the fucking ball......

Kurt Schlichter....? What do these morons think comes next?

Kurt Schlichter - Does Anybody Understand What These Never Trump Republicans Think They’re Achieving?

We in the base, who are suffering from the establishment’s incompetent mismanagement of the society it had been foolish to try to micromanage in the first place, tried to warn them. But the Fredocons wouldn't listen, because they're smart, not like everyone says, like dumb…

That warning was called ‘the Tea Party,” and the GOP establishment didn't like it either.

Remember how all those activated Republican voters helped recapture Congress, yet most of the establishment types looked at them like they were something nasty that was smeared on their shoes? See, the base isn’t supposed to be activated. It's supposed to be obedient. It's supposed to turn out on election day to do volunteer work and write checks. It's not supposed to try to have input. That's for our betters, not for us.


But the thing is, now we're woke, and we’ve realized that our establishment sucks, and that we’re tired of being the suckees. They didn't listen to us when we gave them the Tea Party, so now we gave them Trump.

And they're very, very upset with us. That's a key reason they want to undercut Trump. Some people are just always going to want to trash the guy getting the attention and wielding the influence they think rightfully belongs to them. That's true whether they are some donkey–looking senator from Arizona or Nebraska pimping a book about his agonizing moral struggles, or some tiresome op-ed scribbler serving as the domesticated house conservative on a failing liberal rag, or the invasion-happy beneficiary of his parents' success who finds he can't fill the cabins on his brochure’s cruises anymore.

But what's the end game? What are they thinking is going to happen? Do they think that one morning Trump is going to wake up and think “Gosh, all these people telling me I'm wrong and mean and crude and tweet too darn much must be right. I'll change, because I always take the advice of people who I've already broken and humiliated.

Unlikely, because Trump doesn't respect you. And he doesn't respect you because he's already beaten you. He's not a gracious winner, but to be fair, you've hardly been gracious losers. Oh, how it must gall you to be so utterly defeated by someone you consider your moral and intellectual inferior.

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