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Apr 25, 2004
Is It Fair to Judge Religions?
By Dennis Prager, World Net Daily
January 23, 2007

From 9-11 to this day, callers to my syndicated radio show have asked: "Is Islam a religion of violence?" And since 9-11, I have given the same response: "I don't judge religions; I judge practitioners."

It is easy to dismiss this response as a politically correct cop-out, but there are good reasons for this response.

First, in medieval, or even parts of early modern, Europe, many people would have asked, "Is Christianity a religion of violence?" And 2,000-3,000 years ago, people might have asked, "Is Judaism a religion of violence?"

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I think I can agree with his personal standpoint in restricing his critiques to practitioners rather than to the religion itself. As for his attitude towards people who offer reasoned moral critiques of Islam, I would urge them to think twice, - it can be hard separating the man from the subject.

Also he brings up the lack of internal critiques. (I'll just take his word for it) And it is a problem. A Muslim has a much better platform of debating his religion than a Christian or atheist has.
For some reason I can't open this link, I'd really like to read more on this idea here. I would agree on the practitionerspart of this article. I agree 100 percent that if these so called clerics were about peace then clowns like Al Sadr and many like him would be out of business. We all see conservative and liberal sects in all religions practiced. But I could hardly call these clerics conservative in there teachings and ranting down with the infidels! Just because I don’t agree with there outlooks shouldn’t be a reason to destroy me and my culture. This really starts with the muslims standing up and protesting throughout the would against violence. But until the world sees the stance in the muslim community how can the rest of the free world agree a practicing muslim aren't a terrorist? And that you are being peaceful in your practice? And the other area is completely and no holes barred understanding of the religion from all aspects. Many religions are about interpretation from who is teaching. Until our culture understands more of the religions true values more to protect ourselves and also to keep ill and improper interpretations out of the main stream how can anyone really know what is peaceful and what is hostile?
For some reason I can't open this link, I'd really like to read more on this idea here.

Give it a second try. I can attest that sometimes the second try works when the first one didn't. This is an interesting article--makes one reflect and think.

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