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Jonathan Turley Calls for Special Counsel to Probe Biden Family Influence Peddling: ‘Hard to Imagine a Stronger Case’


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Feb 12, 2017
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OMG--the nonsense you spew. The laptop is not a plant--Bidens' group already admitted that the laptop is theirs. Secondly---MONEY trail collaborates the labtop money bullshit hun which btw includes JOe and hunter having joint accounts.

Oh yeah Joe released his tax returns----claimed for decades that he was the poorest critter in congress----BUT he lied to the american people and to the IRS which is tax fraud hun.

biden's son is s druggy, pedo, incestous, crook--------------his daddy isn't much different.

You are the one who spews nonsense. They have not admitted the laptop is real. Whether the e-mails are real and whether the laptops are real are two different things. There are many questions about this story that have not been answered. Why would Hunter Biden take laptops to a obscure dealer? Why would he leave them? How did they happen to get to Giuliani? Also worth noting that Giuliani only gave copies to The Wall Street Journal and Fox. Fox's assessment was that at the most, Biden had a meeting.

Your problem is that the conspiracy has to get larger for it to be true. Too big for it to stand. There is no evidence he lied to the IRS. Your saying so does not make it true hun.

Rush Limbaugh was a druggy. Whether Hunter Biden is on is yet to be determined. However there is no evidence against Joe Biden, so all you are doing is slandering people because you oppose them. Trump supporters like you are the biggest crooks.


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Dec 28, 2011
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There is no evidence he has done so. You have no credibility.
There is evidence he sold influence. Is there a tax form for extortion?

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