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Jonathan Littell's book : "Les Bienveillantes"

padisha emperor

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Sep 6, 2004
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Aix-en-Provence, France
The american author Jonathan Littell wrote this book, awarded with the Goncourt Prize (most prestigious litterature distinction in France).
It speaks of the life of an imaginary SS-offizier, Maximilian Aue, during the campaign on the eastern front during the WWII, with the Einsatzgruppen, Crimea, Stalingrand.................

It was written in French (and very well written, Littell has a great mastership of french, which is very hard), but I think there is an english version, and if not yet, probably soon. So, my advice is to read it, it is a very good book. Veru hard sometimes, the description of the torture and exectution scene are like in reality, nothing is hidden. But it is all the same a great novel.Very interessant, people can learn lots of thing during this reading, and the story is good too.

the english title would be maybe "the Kindly Ones", or "the Erinyes", "the Eumenides" (in greek mythology, the three Erinyes - Mégère, Tisiphoné, Alecto - were the moral conscience, the punishment and the vengeance).

Read this book ! ;)

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