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IT IS WHAT IT IS. The majority has spoken.


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Apr 20, 2009
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Reno, NV
The majority has spoken. We have been here before but someone of us are just not old enough to remember.
Each time we topple a secular dictator we wind up with chaos, and radical Islam seems to rise. Ousting Moammar Gadhafi from power in Libya. While Gadhafi wasn’t a “good guy,” he kept Islamic extremism in the country at bay. U.S. shouldn’t try to depose Syrian President Bashar Assad, amid accusations that Assad used chemical weapons on his own citizens, because Islamic militants could fill the power vacuum.
Biggest mistake make by us in the middle east. Ousting Saddam created instability in the middle east and created al Qaeda and Isis. Saddam was a ruthless dictator but he was what the area needed. He keep Iran under wrap. Those people do not understand Democracy and will never work under a democracy. WE never should have been in the Middle East and the only way to fix the middle east problem is to leave and let the people solve their own problem in there own way as they have done for thousands of years. Saddam did a lot for Iraqis. Mandatory education and free higher education and free medical care. He took care of his military and their family. He kept the Shia and Sunni at peace and coexisted with Christians in relative peace. A welfare system that worked without force. It was his way or he would kill you. This country will not kill you physically but financially. I am not happy with Trump but we do need a change because Democrats system was not working just more of the same that we got use to. Just maybe it will take a Trump to fix what has been broken for years of Democrat and Republican rule. What do we have to lose at this point. We have a broken immigration system and Comprehensive Immigration Reform will not fix it. Our medical, education, and social system is broken also. Bring back jobs that left the county. Ford just moved to Mexico. WTF? Are there any factories in operation here making product by Americans? IF he keep it real we have nothing to lose but much to gain. With Hillary it would have been much of the same. Broken immigration system, medical, education and social. Even environmental, etc. Lots need to be fixed. I thought once Obama got the truck that Bush ran into the ditch fixes we would be fine. But all is not fine. I am going to give Trump a chance to make things better. He will either fix the problems we have or screw it up more but it will teach us a lesson.
Why would a black man vote for Hillary? After Clinton and Obama he is still uneducated unemployed and killing each other dealing in drugs and in prison. He know where he stand with the Democrats so his only chance now is a Trump Card. What do he have to lose?
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