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Is this the Most Pathetic the GOP has Ever Been??

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The Banker

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Oct 24, 2017
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The GOP record is terrible, a lot of major failures, like the Bush crash after inheriting a balanced budget, the failed fucked up wars in Mid East, Trumps failed covid response etc etc, the list is too long to write. So many failures.

BUT the failure to just man the fuck up and accept that Trump lost the election fair and square, is the most pathetic, weak thing, in GOP and US history.

I can't think of anything weaker or more pathetic.

Trump and his gullible supporters have dug themselves into the biggest hole in US history. There is not even a remote shred of evidence of election fraud at all, and there never was. These pathetic weak losers, just can't admit that.

Now these trash bitches have to find a way to dig themselves out of this mega hole. The only way possible is to admit they lost, which they refuse to do.

If you lose a presidential election and can't man up and admit you lost, you are the most pathetic weak candidate in US history and that is what Trump and his supporters are.

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