IS killings and kidnappings in central Iraq raise questions


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Sep 30, 2011
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TIKRIT, Iraq — A rash of kidnappings and killings in rural and depopulated areas in Iraq claimed by the Islamic State (IS) have led to debate over whether and where the international terrorist group may attempt resurgence in the country and how best to prevent it.

The finding of six more corpses of kidnapped individuals on June 27 in the Salahuddin province after several similar incidents has meanwhile reinforced speculation that the province may be prone to a budding insurgency for historical, geographical and political reasons.

At least 30 people had reportedly been taken hostage, and seven bodies were found in the northwestern part of the province earlier in the month.

Power lines in Dour and al-Alam were sabotaged by IS on June 26, Al-Monitor was told by a source from the area, and on June 28, the two towns in the province were still without electricity.

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I'm thinking Sadr telling groups to disarm is a mistake.

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