Interesting Poll On Mexicans and Fence; Well No, Not THAT Fence


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Nov 22, 2003

Half of Mexicans reject Central American Immigrants | October 23rd, 2006

(this report is being filed by our lovely Latin America correspondent, Mrs. Scarlet)

A poll (link in Spanish) published by the news paper El Universal shows that 50% of interviewed Mexicans are in favor of redoubling the police security in the border with 51% of the Mexicans wanting immigration with Central American citizens to the country to diminish, according to a survey published Monday by the newspaper El Universal. In the USA, 39% think the same in regards to total immigration.

The survey, made between the 8th and the 13th of September, before the malaise in Mexico increased by the decision of the Congress of the United States to approve the construction of an border wall, showed that only 5% of the Mexican population were in favor of a greater flow of immigrants of the countries of Central America. (in USA 17% were in favor of a greater immigration, this poll didn’t specify the country of origin of immigrants). In addition, 50% of the interviewed Mexicans were in favor of an increase in the police force that patrol the South border of the country, with Guatemala, where every year a good number of undocumented emigrants enter Mexico.

Nevertheless, 39% of Mexicans were against other anti-migratory measures, like returning illegal Central American immigrants to their country, however 32% were in favor of returning them. The third part of the consulted mexicans, 34% considers that the Central American immigrants take jobs from Mexicans. On the other hand, 46% think that they obtain jobs that the Mexicans do not want. 38% consider that it is more probable that the Central American immigrants get involved in criminal activities than the Mexicans. The survey was made on a sample of thousand people and has a level of confidence of 95%, with a margin of error of +/- 3,5%.

According to a poll by Bumeran, in a survery of 3,180 companies, 41% didn’t want to hire foreign workers. A respondent to the survey said he believed that the reasons for this are protectionism, unjustified nationalism, and not being sure of foreign workers talent.

According to the poll, 41% of companies believe that German, English, Spanish, and French are the best hires (in that order).

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