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if constantine never converted....


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Sep 21, 2009
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what would christianity look like today and, if you are now a christian, what religion do you think you would be following? Would you have found jesus the same or would have the holy spirit got you to him without any real textual (i.e. bible) foundation?


Christianity today is the same as it always was. Do not confuse the false reachings of Satan, including but not limited to to Constantine's Universal Church with the teacings of Christ. Remember that Jesus warned us that there will be many false churches and many false doctrines spread by the god of this world and that few would find the straight and narrow path to salvation while many are deceived and take the broad and winding road to damnation.

(PS: Constantine never converted to Christianity. He formed a new church that teaches a false doctrine and is, therefore, wittingly or otherwise, an instrument of the Deceiver)

Now the asshole atheist prick answer:
They'd just make up some different reasons to kill people and justify their ignorance and hate. If not the xtian god, they'd claim another god put the king on the thrown and told them to kill people.

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