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I was wrong about the 46 million "uninsured" myth..


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Sep 19, 2011
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I was very very wrong when I used the Census bureau figures stating there were 50 million "uninsured".

Here is where I was wrong...
The number of people with health insurance is 256.2 million in 2010.
That means if there are 310 million in the Census..
subtract 256.2 million with health insurance and the total is 53.8 million.

53.8 million Census says are "uninsured".. RIGHT...
9.6 million that the census says are UNINSURED.. NOT CITIZENS!!!
44.2 million Americans uninsured!
Table C. People Without Health Insurance Coverage Not a citizen 9,667,000

Of the 44.2 million Americans UNINSURED???

9.0 million people covered under Medicaid are counted as "uninsured".
Medicaid Underreporting in the CPS
5.4 million kids eligible for SCHIP but not registered counted as Uninsured".
18 million people under 34 refused employer health insurance "uninsured".

32.4 million from 44.2 million leaves :
12.1 million TRULY UNINSURED!!!

The myth is there are not 46 million or 50 million UNINSURED..
12.1 million are truly uninsured that probably WANT to be insured but can't qualify for Medicare, Medicaid or can't afford it!
NOT 50 million!!!

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