I want to show you two examples of Bias in newspapers


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Feb 16, 2013
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In a dependant and enslaved country.
It seems Newsday (Long Island) always spins in favor of the establishment.

When our town board of Islip tried to usurp the executive powers of the Town Supervisor (unconstitutional verbatim in NY Constitution), I had to organize a public filibuster to stop it. We succeeded, but Newsday spins it like this: "Planned Islip Filibuster not needed." What they failed to mention (the obvious) is that it was the threat of filibuster that caused them to adjourn, they didnt' adjourn for fun or whatever last minute bullshit they claimed to be the reason.

Planned Islip Town filibuster not needed - Newsday

My second case was this "Urban Renewal Sustainable Development" plan to tear up my entire neighborhood around Lake Ronkonkoma for the Saudi Arbian Olayan Family and their Tritec Corporation (Ronkonkoma Hub Project). When the Town of Brookhaven attempted to seize our houses and businesses for pennies on the dollar (even houses like mine in Islip, which is outside Brookhaven's jurisdiciton), I organized over 1,200 people on the coldest night of January 2014 to stop the Eminent Domain proceedings.

Contrast Newsday's article with the Suffolk County Libertarian Party's Article:

A View From The Ronkonkoma Trenches The Libertarian Party of Suffolk County New York
Ronkonkoma Hub plan draws hundreds to hearing - Newsday

The Newsday article should have: "It drew 50 supporters, all of which were professionally hired speakers from outside of Suffolk County, and 1150 opponents, which were the local residents who houses were being robbed for pennies on the dollar. After the circle jerking 50-strong hired speakers finished their speeches (who were allowed to speak first) they tried to remove over 900 local residents due to "fire conditions" which nearly caused a brawl."

And you want to tell me there isn't a bias in MSM towards the establishment?
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