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I want my country back


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Apr 20, 2009
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Reno, NV

Illegal aliens have taken over every aspects of my country. Amnesty after amnesty just encourage more illegal immigration. Immigration Reform will just excuse illegal immigration and not fix the problem. 20 million illegal aliens have entered this country since the 1986 amnesty, and had 5 million anchor babies, which were suppose to fix the problem. 1986 amnesty made the problem bigger.

I donÂ’t recognize my county anymore. Every where I go Spanish is spoken. The poor are flooding across our border and we have enough poor of our own that we cannot take care of and we do not need the poor of other countries.

When they move into the neighbor the destroy it will crime, drugs and gangs. With the hard working illegal aliens comes the crime. And we have enough of that of our own and do not need it from other countries. When they move into a neighborhood, we move out and the neighborhood become a predominately illegal aliens neighborhood. They flood the schools with anchor babies, our welfare system, healthcare system, legal and law enforcement, and welfare system and public housing.

I have moved three times to get away from the crime of illegal aliens and I would have to leave the country if I had to move again because they are every where and the majority of illegal aliens in my city are Hispanic from south of the border.

Enough already. This nightmare must stop and must be reversed because we are fast becoming a third world country. We are being invaded with the poor of other countries that contribute nothing to this country. The only way to stop it is to stop it at the work place. If the cannot work they will leave with the anchor babies and they will not come leaving their families back home. They separate their families not our enforcing our immigration laws. This is a nation of laws that must be enforced and obeyed by all. No rewarding criminal activity. A law is only as good as it is enforced.

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