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How To Play President Obama's Speech


Jul 19, 2011
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Tonight is the big night, with President Obama giving his jobs speech before a joint session of Congress in an effort to spur the sluggish American economy.

While some details of the speech have leaked out, there is some hope that Obama and his administration still have some policies that we have not heard mentioned before. Otherwise, there is not too much to get excited about from tonight's speech.

Last month, we had 0 new jobs created in this country. That is pathetic, and the first time it has happened since the end of World War 2. Obama's speech has to be long on ideas, and short on rhetoric, otherwise, we could be in for more months like August. Worse, we could even see months where we lose jobs, as we did during the financial crisis of 2008.

If Obama's policies are not immediately attacked by the Republicans, and there is a fair amount of common ground, then perhaps we can get some kind of job growth in this country. Yes, we still need the housing sector to rebound to give us any kind of traction, but something is better than 0. We are probably not going to hear anything about the housing sector in tonight's speech, but we will all be listening.

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