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Horror Prison Camps On The High Seas?

What country treats human beings worse than dogs?

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Apr 29, 2017
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You often hear of the horror stories of the mistreatment of dogs and pets, starved, tortured, abused, and their private owners are detested, taken in, arraigned and prosecuted. But would you believe there is a place in this world where human beings are being treated WORSE THAN DOGS, and the excuse is: BECAUSE WE CAN.

Think about it: This was the excuse of every horror nation down through history, of the Nazis right down the line that because these people had no rights under their law, that you could simply do the worst things to them! But even a murderer, as a civil society, a progressive society still recognizes innate human rights and dignity, to be brought before your accusers, and, IF FOUND GUILTY, punished in a humane way. Even convicted murderers are given painless lethal injections.

I read the incredible story that if you just bear with me you will find quite incredible and shocking, of a nation that is going thousands of miles away from their own shores far out to sea deep into international waters where they have no jurisdiction and if they come across a drug boat, whether it is even clear if these people are headed to your own shores or some other country or what (how can you know so far away?), they are being summarily picked up for prosecution.

Now, no one will defend drug smuggling. However, we are not talking about being caught committing a crime, being arrested for it, charged, having your day in court and sentenced if found guilty. For one thing, these people are not committing any crimes yet as technically no nation has real legal jurisdiction in international waters for such things. But the matter goes much deeper.

Far out to sea, the law does not allow these people to be arrested nor does it offer any legal protections as these waters do not belong to any one country. Now, THE DEFINITION OF INTEGRITY AND CHARACTER is WHAT YOU DO WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING, right? Now, since there are no applicable laws, technically, these people cannot be arrested or charged out at sea, but they can be detained--- indefinitely, therefore they do not yet have any legal rights. Not even the rights of a dog.

SO, are these people being seized, detained in cells, brought back for trial and charged? NOT QUITE.

BECAUSE THE LAW ALLOWS, they are being seized, chained by the ankle on the deck of the ship and LEFT THERE exposed to the open elements, to the cold, wind, rain, the sun, heat, crashing waves, whatever------ day and night, around the clock------ no bed, little food, no roof, no blanket, and no toilet. And they are often left that way for up to 70 and even 90 days. They are given a slop bucket to do their business in, then forced to CLEAN IT OUT THEMSELVES with their own hands over the side of the ship.

No sink, no shower, no bathroom, no towels, no clean clothes, no privacy, no breaks, and no dignity. Human beings debased as dirt. It reminds one of the treatment of Jews in Nazi Death Camps before they were gassed. The only good thing is that these people (most of them who survive) are eventually brought for trial.

Even when these ships come to port for refueling and shore leave, rather than turned over to authorities or some police presence, these prisoners are instead hidden away from sight so they can be kept longer, then taken back out to sea. Eventually, when they ARE brought back to face arrest and trial, they are even brought to whatever port where the laws are most severe and they have the least rights, while their families are left to think they are dead and have no chance to even afford them legal assistance.

What does this say about a nation what would condone such things? Like I said, no one will defend drug smuggling, but it isn't like those back home where they came from even know what is happening to these people! You didn't know either.

Like I said, no one defends drug smuggling, but some of these people do it just because they have to, to live and feed their families, due to poverty, earthquake or natural disaster. But what country would do this in this modern age of enlightenment? Treat people like the lowest dogs---- worse than dogs, that if you did this to a dog you'd be thrown in jail? Does a dog deserve such inhumane treatment even if it attacks you, bites you, craps on your floors? Guess what? The country doing this is none other than your United States.

The US Coast Guard is operating floating prisons in the Pacific Ocean, outside US legal protections
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Aug 3, 2013
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If there were no showers at the WWII concentration camps, how did anyone get "gassed."


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Sep 23, 2016
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Are you saying that these people did nothing wrong at all. They were just taken off the street or out of their beds for nothing.

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