Hollywood pushing the narrative once again.... History of the Kelly Gang


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Aug 19, 2010
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Everything about the promos and trailers of this movie is an absolute lie.
1) All of the trailers and promos lead you to believe it is a Russel Crowe film.... it is not. He is in it only for maybe 10 minutes at the start.
2) The film is about the story of the Ned Kelly gang. It is not. It begins that way, then the film does a very strange turn into bizarro world.

What it is....
A film that uses a story to bait you in, and then once you are interested, uses it to paint a WOKE narrative painting masculinity as crazed, violent sex obsessed beast. As well as homosexuality, bisexuality and pedophilia. Normalizing them all to the point that basically, all men really like to have sex with both men and women.... and... young boys.
We stopped watching it at the point at a party where young boys dress in girls clothing and dance with grown men. And by young boys, yes I mean some were clearly pre-pubescent.
As one critic said.... paraphrasing... "it begins as a tale you expect, and then suddenly the audience is left bewildered and unenlightened.
I like that the critic chose the word "unenlightened". That is a direct shot at the hollywood trend of using film to promote the woke narrative.

Not even 1 star out of five... maybe .25 of one star for the first 10 - 15 minutes.

Don't fall for the trailer.... it is a complete misrepresentation of the film.

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