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HBO Max and Discovery + combining by summer 2023


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Dec 11, 2014
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Until every house has fiber, this will be the way they stumble around in the dark. The problem with streaming is always going to be that their content is more readily lifted and put out there on the web for free. With fiber, there should be such a massive down pressure on prices that a la carte programming becomes a reality.

Brick Gold

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Jan 30, 2022
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This is not good for customers. AT all.
This is clearly another move by the industry to turn streaming into a copy of the cable bundling rip off.
There is absolutely ZERO commonality between the two channels. Zero.
We watch several shows on Discovery +... HBO Max is a lot of fluff with a few good series. It isn't worth the price.
Discovery + is well worth the price.
Combining the two only forces people to pay a higher price for the content they used to get for less.

I just joined HBO because they had a movie unavailable for rent anywhere else online and I was worried about not needing the service again but with Discovery Channel included I would be more inclined to watch shows on their service because I like those nature shows and history documentaries. Looks like a win for me. I agree though theres a lot of fluff in the main menu but I am guessing they might have other exclusive movies in their catalog. Only time will tell.

Believe it or not Microsoft has also licensed movies for rent on their website and their video player didn"t freeze once when I watched The Wizard Of Oz. All the other movie services' video players trip at least once during a movie sometimes twice.

Amazon has the largest catalog of most wanted movies so thats where I usually look first. Very user friendly as well.
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