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Greek Court Clears 100% of Late Debtor's Debt


Old Fogey
Sep 25, 2011
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100% Debt Discharge Decision In Greece Sets Troubling Precedent For Local Banks | ZeroHedge

A very disturbing precedent, for the already frayed domestic financial system, was set in Greece over the past few days, where as the linked story from On-News.gr explains, an unemployed Greek woman who owed a little over 26,000 euros to two banks, Eurobank and National, received a full debt discharge on her outstanding loans. As the blog logical concludes, this decision will probably be adhered to in thousands of similar cases. Furthermore, it should be noted the woman had a perfect payment record for 18 years, and only fell behind when she lost her job. Imagine the sheer panic that would ensue if a comparable legal decision vis-a-vis ordinary consumer debt were to occur in the US - that would be a supreme court resolution for the ages. In the meantime in Greece, a one-two punch arrives: deposits being drained and moved overseas, and bad loans being outright erased from the balance sheet by court order. At least both sides of the balance sheet are declining so there will be no way for banks to fudge their capitalization and make it seem that loan writedowns are actually a beneficial thing for book equity.

From On-News, google translated:

Bartzokas George, Attorney-President of the Citizens' Movement - Borrowers, told newsbomb.gr said: "This is a historic decision, as it is the first court decision that removes 100% of the borrower's debt . handled flawlessly Article 8 paragraph 5 of N.3869, whereby the court clears the debt because the borrower is a long-term unemployed and has not even cover the minimum, both for itself and for dependents. Surely others will follow such decisions. "

The Court rejected the claims of the banks that loan, is not determined by "who" finds the amount for the cost of living and that of her family, although included in the notice of application data permanently prevented payment and the necessary documents.

"This decision of the district court Larissa is a victory of borrowers against banks, which, let's not forget, give consumer loans without guarantees. Act 3869 will ultimately vindicate the indebted households and especially those who are truly economically impossible debt repayment, as the unemployed and the economically disadvantaged, "says the newsbomb.gr o President George IKNA Lechouritou.

This cant be good.


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