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Geopolitical strategy


Sep 7, 2011
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It goes without saying that the US economy is suffering a deep lingering crisis. There’re a lot of socioeconomic problems in the country. The military operations of the US Armed Forces became the plague on American society. But for all that some American politics are looking for new geopolitical enemies. No doubt, Washington officials need someone to accuse of their own failures and flagrant incompetence. Obviously our politicos have a lack of imagination that’s why they decided to return to the "Russian threat". Guys, are you messing around with me? The Russians can’t make both ends meet and our law-abiding taxpayers are told that Moscow constitutes a real threat! Wake up, morons! The Cold War is over! Russia is quite a different country. It has array of its own problems and speaking plainly doesn’t have time and power to cherish a dream about any kind of confrontation with the U.S. Just as soon we can talk today over German nazi threat and claim money from the budget for Pentagon programs. I’m deeply sure that all these republicans must take a handle of xanbar and calm the fuck down or go to the nut house.

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