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Former Rand Paul Aide, Pardoned By trump, Charged With Funneling Russian Money Into 2016 Election


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Oct 14, 2009
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The AL part of PA
Ha! Durham has been getting “warmed up” for longer than Mueller investigation lasted and has one indictment that was based on the investigation of the IG and one very weak indictment on Sussman that was filed the day before the statute of limitations ran out.

Durham is a dud. It didn’t find anything you guys were claiming about the FBI.

Where are the indictments of Clinton? Comey? Baker? Strzok?

Trump had 4 years to do anything. He failed.

Trump has only been indictable for 9 months.
I don't care if Trump gets indicted or not, we're fine with Trump or without Trump, he has plenty of money for lawyers. The "dud" are all fictitious "pending" charges against Trump.

Who do the dems have? Senile Joe or Heels-Up Harris?
Good luck, especially after voters see how moronic democrats are at governing.
The IG report gave the FBI a scathing review of their FISA process. But DC is a swamp, and the democrats have the upper hand, at least until 2023. So Durham has an uphill battle.

Eric Arthur Blair

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Jul 21, 2015
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Good Lord no. Somebody gifted my husband with a bottle of that shit. We both had one drink of it and it sat for years. I'm still working on the bottle of vodka I bought last Christmas. The only thing I ever mix with my orange juice is champagne, and I only do that while watching figure skating with my friends. Today I had pancakes for breakfast with my grandkids. The only thing I put in my coffee is a bit of raw sugar.

Sounds like you're projecting your drinking onto me. I have allergies to the ingredients used to make most alcoholic beverages so I seldom drink. I was the "designated driver" when I was younger, even before we had a name for it. Just like our resident pudge ball, Azog, calls everyone "fat", and Bripat's go to insult is "moron".

Your go-to insult says far more about you than the total stranger you think you're insulting.
My last drink was literally a bottle of beer with my son-in law a few years ago as alcohol exacerbates
an arthritic condition I keep in check due to something called "purines".

So no, I don't drink and if you don't guzzle down booze while posting you certainly wouldn't know it
from the bizarre posts you produce.

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