Former CIA agent missing in Iran


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Nov 14, 2012
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Former FBI agent missing in Iran was working for the CIA ? report | World news |

this seems to be so complicated--

--he has been held/missing since 2007

--family stated he was in Iran on private business--did they know/not know of his work with CIA?

--attempts were made ? by US govt to obtain his release--nothing seemed to work and efforts were suspended?

--should AP have released fyi on his connection to CIA--they feel that it was correct

<A retired FBI agent missing for seven years after disappearing in Iran was on an unauthorized mission for the CIA, according to an explosive new report on Thursday that contradicted the official explanation that he was on private business.

A years-long investigation by the Associated Press alleged in extensive detail that Robert Levinson, who disappeared from an Iranian island resort in 2007, had been involved in an extraordinarily unusual intelligence operation initiated by three CIA analysts who did not officially have the power to launch such operations.

It is unclear if Levinson, a father of seven children who would now be 65 years old, is still alive.

The US government has repeatedly and publicly denied that Levinson was in Iran on behalf of any government agency. As recently as 26 November, the White House issued a statement acknowledging Levinson as one of the &#8220;longest-held Americans in history&#8221;, reiterating a commitment to bring him home, and imploring the aid of Iran.

That statement, issued by White House press secretary Jay Carney, said Levinson went missing on &#8220;a business trip&#8221;. But in its report, the AP said that the US government paid $2.5m to Levinson&#8217;s family to forestall a lawsuit that would have likely resulted in details of the arrangement between Levinson and the agency coming to light.>
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Oct 31, 2008
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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.................. A CIA agent goes missing in hostile territory. I would have to say that the chances of seeing the fellow again are pretty slim. That business has certain risks.

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