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Football is Over


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Aug 25, 2009
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Having watched football for the last 48 years, this is the first time ever that I am glad the season is over and the first time I am not looking forward to it coming back. While this has nothing to do with Tom Brady winning yet another Super Bowl it is more about what football has become and what took place in the 2020 season. This past season for me was disgusting, disappointing, and just plain uninteresting. Not just football but all sports have been ruined by the onset of this planned COVID-19 event among other political and social issues and events that have taken place.

While I expect many negative responses to this post, I am only writing this to vent my frustration and disgust with sports these days. I was lucky enough to have grown up in the 1970s and my teen years and young adult years in the 80s when sports were MUCH MUCH different. It's unfortunate today's young sports fan won't ever get to experience what we the older generation got to see first hand when athletes played for the game and not for money nor politics. As a professional writer, I am done writing about current sports and all my articles going forward will be about history. Sports has a rich history and so many athletes that were great role models and played with so much more passion.

When I first started watching sports, my first love was baseball. Then came football. I became a huge boxing fan. Football eventually surpassed baseball as the favorite sport, and then came the UFC for which I am now a big fan. But baseball in 2021? It is off my list. The one thing that sports in 2020 and thus far in 2021 has shown me is that there are far better things to occupy my time than to get wrapped up in the bullshit that consumes all sports.

Sports history is far more enjoyable for me that current day events. Again, I expect much backlash, name calling, slandering, etc. etc. etc. Have at it sports fans because I don’t expect anyone to agree with me this is just a personal opinion, all judgment is everyone’s right to speak how they feel, and this is how I feel.

For the record, I found it very odd that this commercial was recorded before the Super Bowl and would not you know it, the prediction rang true. Super Bowl LV smelled very bad, very fishy, and many will believe this was a complete setup to get Tom Brady another championship ring. Sports have been fixed for many years in certain cases and this one is glaringly obvious. This commercial gives it away.

I will not be posting any rebuttals to responses I receive on this because I expect them all to be negative.



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Sep 5, 2011
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somone explain to me why everyone has to respond with insults, name calling, and slandering? How old are you people...really? Sounds like a bunch of immature teenagers to me...These are supposed to be opinionated conversations not a slam fest. :mad:
It's what happens when you argue with ignoramus right-wing conspiracy nut jobs. They have nothing to fall back on but stupid insults.....

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