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Food Bank struggles ahead of holiday rush-FRESNO, Calif


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Jan 17, 2010
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New Jersey
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Local food pantries are struggling to keep their shelves stocked. And the timing couldn't be worse. The Community Food Bank says a shortage of donations could impact this year's Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

The Community Food Bank served 40,000 meal boxes last holiday season to families in need. This year, because of a tough economy, they only have a fourth of those meals ready to go.

"Throughout the community, the resources have significantly dropped off and so this year we are able to donate 10,000 with our own resources," said Andy Souza with the Community Food Bank.

Staff say former donors took a hit in the economic downturn. "What we've seen is a lot of folks who are donors from us in the last couple of years are on the receiving side of what we do."

The Food Bank cooks up meal boxes for more than 90,000 thousand people every week. The non-profit serves more than 150 different agencies in Fresno, Madera and King Counties. If shelves aren't stacked, other agencies who rely on the Food Bank's donations will suffer.

"Thanksgiving and Christmas are always our challenging times of year because so many people come to us for assistance with the job market and everything else going on, this year we expect even more people to come," said Paula Scribner with the Salvation Army.

A warm meal for those in need goes a long way during the holidays. Staff members are asking people to step up and boost their supplies. They're hoping, no one goes hungry for the holidays.

read more, video Food Bank struggles ahead of holiday rush | abc30.com


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Sep 27, 2011
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Thank the EPA for this one. Fresno is in California's central valley. The area WAS home to vast orchards and farms. Then the EPA got the snail darter declared endangered. A judge shut off the water to the farmers. The farms failed. The farmers lost everything they had. The land went fallow and took the economy of the entire central valley with it. There are no farms, there are unemployed farmers and farm workers, businesses that depended on those farmers and employees failed. Now the EPA has declared dust a pollutant and is fining the former owners of these farms for allowing a hazardous condition to develop. Dust.

The EPA has got to GO.

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