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Feminized America.


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Jan 3, 2021
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Feminized America.
(regarding the parts that are)
December 27,2021

Emasculated and Intellectualized too.
(large swaths of America are)

Males CAN become feminized, emasculated, and intellectualized ~ whole nations of
males can become weak and whipped to their knees by Niceness.

"Pale Ebenezer thought it wrong to fight,
But Roaring Bill (who killed him) thought it right."
__Hilaire Belloc

Entire nations/civilizations can intellectualize their way into history's ever expanding
graveyard of rotting death. Effete intellectualism ~ a life of thought instead of a life of
action, puts in mortal danger every nation/civilization that surrenders to it.

There is a strong likelihood that America, as you have known it, will cease to exist in
your life time. There is a conservative political army now on the battlefield fighting to
stop this. Don't you want to fight along with them?

"Reasonable agreement, as Melko concludes after reviewing the literature, exists on at
least twelve major civilizations, seven of which no longer exist (Mesopotamian, Egyptian,
Cretan, Classical, Byzantine, Middle American, Andean) and five which do (Chinese,
Japanese, Indian, Islamic, and Western). __Samuel P. Huntington, The Clash Of
Civilizations And The Remaking Of World Order, page 45

By the way, the American Left ~ the Democratic Party ~ is on the way to your home to take
away your freedoms. They want you to bow down to THEM and to their authority.

"Civilizations . . . disappear and are buried in the sands of time . . . Quigley sees civilizations
moving through seven stages: mixture, gestation, expansion, age of conflict, universal empire,
decay and invasion . . . all . . . theories see civilizations evolving through a time of troubles or
conflict to a universal state of decay and disintegration." __The Clash of Civilizations And The
Remaking Of World Order, page 44

. . . disintegration . . .

Western Civilization (of which America is a part) is flirting with Certain Death. See The Death Of
The West, 308 pages. Patrick J. Buchanan (amazon has it).

In the early stages of a nation there is little thought and a lot of action and bold strong powerful
men are dominant ~ they are direct, brave, territorial, tribal, tough masculine fighters.

But later as the nation develops and becomes more civilized, their customs and culture gradually
produces males who increasingly become more and more emasculated and feminized ~ they
become softer, more compliant, more accommodating, more conciliatory ~ they become politically
correct appeasers. Bold strong action gives way to a life of intellectualism, the willingness to fight
gives way to pacifism and appeasement, directness gives way to reticence, boldness to timidity,
faith to doubt, and the unity of character common to the noble primitive warrior passes away, and
the willingness to stand and fight morphs into an effete desire to engage in endless intellectual'

The males become peace-at-any-price Neville Chamberlain's who will not stand
and fight for the right. As a general rule of thumb, today's Republican Party never
saw a culture war they wouldn't immediately run from, and their political enemies
don't even need swords to get them to run, all they need is words ~ just call them
racists, sexists, xenophobes or homophobes and they'll tuck tail and skedaddle
off the battlefield while humbly apologizing for "any misunderstanding about my
commitment to diversity and inclusiveness."

Can soft feminized nations survive? No. Just outside their borders stand more
aggressive warrior tribes waiting and watching hungrily for more land and more
raw materials. Islam has already, de facto, conquered the nations of Europe. The
nations of Europe intellectualized themselves into refusing to have babies. All the
nations of Europe have Fertility Rates far below the 2.1 Fertility Rtae needed to
merely break even with the Death Rate. Europe is dying demographically, while
Muslims, with high Fertility Rates, are peacefully invading Europe by the tens of

Islam, pouring into Europe by the tens of millions, is building mosques all over
Europe and building up their Islamic religion strong and powerful. They are not
"Westernizing" rather they are becoming more and more Islamic as they observe
the weakness and moral decadence all around them in Europe, for example vile
filthy hard core porn shop all over Europe and window whore houses where the
prostitutes actually sit on display behind glass windows like mannequins at
Macy's waiting for window shopping "customers" to come by and "rent" them.

Europe, having turned their backs to the God of the Bible and Christianity, has
now a barnyard morality, and Islam in Europe wants no part of their godless
Secular Humanistic Westernizing.


So Islam, with high Fertility Rates, will soon first conquer Europe demographically,
then democratically through Europe's one-man-one-vote democratic elections.
Western Civilization (once known as Christendom) is continually shrinking.
Christianity, de facto, is already dead in Europe and Christianity is shrinking
here in America. So? So don't you want to get involved in the fight? What
about the Apostle Paul's "I have fought a good fight. I have kept the faith."

The nations of Europe have stopped having babies. Of the some 40 + nations of
Europe, only one, Muslim Albania, have Fertility Rates that will allow them to survive
as nations. The nations of Europe are dying. Large numbers of them have Fertility Rates
as low as 1.3, which is considered to be the demographic point of no return. And the
Europeans do not want to return ~ they want their Feminism and their Contraception and
their Abortion Mills. But Islam wants Muslim babies and hundreds of millions of them inside
Europe. And that is going to happen. Goodbye Christian Europe.

Keep in mind that the American Left ~ the Democratic Party ~ wants America to become
more and more like the weak feminized, emasculated, intellectualized nations of Europe.
The Democratic Party wants total control of your life. Thay want you to obey THEM.

Message to Europe . . .

You can't just sit there forever with no babies.

And emasculated feminized intellectualized males do not desire to become Husbands and
Fathers of large families.

Demography is destiny.

The future belongs to the fertile . . .

(not to feminized, emasculated, intellectualized males).


This is crap. Muslim family size is much smaller in the past 30 years. Education and healthcare means fewer children. You seem convinced that men who are educated and civilized are weak and emasculated . What an asinine point of view.


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Apr 10, 2022
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Well, maybe I'm the feminized America.


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Dec 9, 2021
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This day was coming ever since Eve p-whipped Adam in the Garden.

Luddly Neddite

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Sep 14, 2011
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I'm not sure what the point of this thread is, other than to say intellectuals can't be masculine. That's total bullshit.
It seems to be more of the 'we're terrified of strong women who believe we should all be equal'.

Nothing that viagra wouldn't help.

Luddly Neddite

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Sep 14, 2011
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This day was coming ever since Eve p-whipped Adam in the Garden.

All she was throw a few apples and she was such a good shot, she's been vilified ever since.


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Feb 27, 2013
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The loonies now have 53 genders and counting.
If present trends continue your word "men" is going to be meaningless.
Present trends will not continue. The radical Left is going to self-destruct on the rocks of pragmatism. Wait for it.


The word "woman" is becoming meaningless as well. Men dressed as women are breaking world records in sports and professors and politicians claim that men can give birth.

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