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Enough is enough. Time to spell the homophones "There," They're," and "Their" the same!


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Dec 8, 2021
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Spelling is a lost art, anyway. I can almost always, maybe always, tell by context which th --- the writer meant. Which is why it is a distraction, either amusing or annoying, depending on my mood.

I just saw an example on here, by a poster who was making a good point, and it really annoyed me, because it broke my concentration on the substance. Once in a great while, I make the slip myself. I always catch it after I re-read my post, and I obsessively must correct it. So let's just make them all the same.

Ok, nothing we can to to change the world from here. But, may I propose that we avoid pointing this error out on this forum, no matter how tempting it is? That would be a start.
And i am a native English speaker who learned American English in school. Imagine how confusing English is to non-native English speakers or English learners.

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