Don't Believe It- Things Aren't So Great as Your Told


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May 31, 2009
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There's No Way Out Now: "That Choice Was Yours"

This is a screen shot from my iPhone about a week ago. And really this says it all.

Breaking news is highlighting the all time highs again while the underlying economic news is negative across the board. No other time in history could the economy be in such dire straits and have the market completely apathetic to it. Whether it’s total debt, Consumer debt, retail sales, housing, productivity, inventories, full time jobs, GDP, wages, just about any indicator it is negative.

And if we put it in the context of having such extreme monetary policies with the sole intent toward all of these moving in a highly positive direction the above indications aren’t just terrible they are frightening. It’s kind of like when you’re in a fight and you’ve just hit the other guy with your best punch and he doesn’t flinch. You start to think this ain’t going to end very well. I expect the Fed folks are suffering from a case of the ‘oh shit that was the best I got’ syndrome.

There s No Way Out Now That Choice Was Yours Zero Hedge


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