don t be so seriouse... islam israel and idiot bashing ... me


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Jan 27, 2015
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ok im german

no wrong acctually im human

at least i think im human, don t think im german

so lets bash

being born in germany and havin a grandfather whot told me good night storys from the east front when i was 4 years old i think i understand germans

good night storys like how he ambushed a russian sentry and killed him with his knife

when it was minus 40 celsius

so lets look at israel

i think israel really learned from the holocaust

i mean israel builds better concentration camps then the nazis

they made the whole of palistinia into a konzentration camp

and when i get news about the gaza strip i think : Ghetto, warsaw ghetto but much bigger

and i bet their final solution for the palistinian problem will be better too

you know muslims ?

they say allah is great

that means their god is about at the same level as me

im great

my god is inmeasurable

infinite not measurable

and looking at muslims i look at saudi arabia

a country that can support about 2 million people with water and food

but got a population of about 50 million

and oil and mekka

about 25 million saudis are below the age of 20

which means if they get the average of 4.3 children

in 20 years there will be about 160 million saudi arabians

in a country that can support 2 million

and they won t have any oil to buy food or make water

now thats a sad thought

158 million saudis

and no water for them

i forgot the idiots

which makes me one

they are everywhere

how stupid is it to say theres no climate catastrophe when it gets warmer every day ?

thats the average temperature of earth not your temperature, idiot
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Menerva Lindsen

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Dec 18, 2014
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Saudi Arabia? I like it. the country is the center of the world muslim tourism. They prohibit women to drive and live their independent life. What do we need? Their oil. They have no water. Let's exchange our water to their oil. Oh, sorry, We did. Dollars are already "water" for the world.


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Jan 27, 2015
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i turn back time

out of the graves the dead bodys rise to be taken to their places of resurection

the offens belch while they suck in the smoke and make bodys which are taken

to the showers of gas where life is put into them

this is hell

i don t want to turn time back AGAIN

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