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DOA(Dud On Arrival) GOP candidates???


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Jun 24, 2011
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Spokane area
The GOP 'carnival of errors' as I call the GOP primary 'warm ups' just never fails to amaze me. Michelle Bachmann started out strong as a small government type conservative prez candidate, UNTIL she pulled out the God card which instantly placed her at the intersection of null & void...

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Romney & Perry are what I term "Bernanke Specials" as they both have neocon written all over them(shades of the bygone GWB days!). Both Gary Johnson & ESPECIALLY Ron Paul seem to be the only two GOP candidates SO FAR that seem to have any real intentions to chart a course AWAY from the neocon 'politics as usual'. Ron Paul actually has a detailed plan to end the debauchery within federal government by starting at the top by literally liquidating the fed reserve & replacing them with a sound precious metal backed currency(competing currencies).
This would mark the beginning of the end of the political polarization between the left & right in America as the welfare nanny state of the last near 100 years would bite the dust big time. The rest of these current GOP prez candidates like Jon Huntsman & Newt 'same ole tune' Gingrich are (in my opinion) nothing but yestercenturies left over big government republocratic politicians. Do you see it differently than I have stated above? If so, what current GOP candidate do you endorse & why?


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May 6, 2007
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My Shack
Bachman is da bomb, no wait it is Perry, Umm nope it is Cain, wait we will just vote for Romney at least he is not a demoncrat.

Such a hopey changey bunch, but in the end partisan as hell.

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