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DeSantis Publicly Takes President To The Woodshed: 'Until You Secure The Border & Stop Importing COVID-19 I Don't Want To Hear Anything From You!'

Smokin' OP

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Feb 24, 2021
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:thankusmile: :TH_WAY~113: Everytime Langley shill smoking op gets his ass handed to him on a platter he gets mad with a thumbs down din in frustration knowing he’s backed against the wall with nowhere to run.:abgg2q.jpg::thankusmile:
FOS, as usual.
From the link you didn't read.

The ban comes as an addendum to a larger defense bill, the Defense Authorization Act, and will prohibit the government and its contractors from using the two Chinese suppliers’ tech for “essential” or “critical” roles in systems.
Thus, the bill doesn’t ban all ZTE and Huawei gear, just components that can be used to view or route data. The ban goes into effect gradually over the next two years.

So, the orange, retard bans SOME of the ZTE components from being used by OUR government.

ZTE can sell all it wants to Iran and N. Korea.
The reason why, the ban was put in place.

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