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Democratic Voter Registration falls below 50% For First Ever


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Aug 4, 2011
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(Sign of the times or an errant sparrow mistaken as a harbinger? Clearly its all George Bush's fault. Then again, it may be the Commie residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, that had something to do with it, too.)

"Huey Long must be turning over in his grave. Qualifying closed today for Louisiana’s Fall 2011 statewide elections, and the once super-dominant Democratic Party has failed to field a single credible candidate for statewide office.

Not a single one.

Louisiana’s citizens have common sense. They understand that the policies favored by Washington Dems (on energy in particular) seem expressly designed to cripple Louisiana’s economy and kill Louisiana’s best jobs. They realize that there’s no real national role to play for a pro-life Democrat.

Just recently, Democratic registration fell below 50% for the first time in, well, ever.

Governor – Bobby Jindal will run against a field of nine opponents: four independents, four Democrats and one Libertarian. Two of the Dems are schoolteachers, and one of those is a self-described “Tea Party Democrat” who will try to outflank Jindal on the right.

Other than Jindal, the Governor’s race features a field of political neophytes and perennial also-rans. None of the challengers currently holds elective office. John Georges, who finished #3 in the 2007 Governor’s race, has decided to take his $10 million & go home rather than run again."

The Democratic Wipeout in Louisiana is of Biblical Proportions | RedState

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