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Demand Any Nomination For Us Supreme Court Justice Explain Blackmun ' Logically Of Course ' Statement From Roe V Wade



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Feb 3, 2018
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" Drivel Address Been There For Decades Sew Is There Anything Else "

* Complaining As An Insolent Simpleton About Robust Necessities And Jumping To Stale Conclusions *

Okay. I think you've been given enough rope and time to come up with a rational argument and, your needlessly complex, multi-syllabic verbiage not withstanding, shows what a whack-a doodle you are.
Your faulty reasoning not only condones abortion but would allow one to simply murder anyone who you find is not mentally aware (coma patients, seniors, victims of brain injuries, etc.) based on the fact they are not presently mentally cognizant. Therefore the State is free to kill them.
I'm done keeping you company. I've seen more than enough.
Individuals which have been born are entitled to due process of law , whether that be to remove their wright to life for having removed the wright to life of another as in the case of capital punishment , or whether to have life support removed , whereas a fetus has not incurred a wright to life by virtue of not having been born .

The roe v wade decided that post natural viability a state interest may begin and a state can proscribe abortion in the third trimester except for a few exceptions .
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