Dead Presidents (Movie Fan-Fiction!)


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Sep 22, 2013
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The shocking democracy-critical modern American film Dead Presidents (Hughes Brothers) magnifies the shocking story of a group of energized African-American young men who're living in an American town before being shipped off to the horrifying Vietnam War, only to return to a homeland seemingly bereft of sociocultural benefits, prompting them to plan the ultimate tragic armored-car robbery for grand dollars with the faces of former US Presidents printed on them ('Ex-Presidents'), a fateful decision that reveals the ultimately sad intelligence of their ill-timed escape fantasy. This searing film examines why we as a culture may magnify race problems while downplaying the cold realities of race and class separation that cuts into the rhetoric of modern capitalism, which is why I chose to dedicate a strong and more socially-conscious heist-vignette about this dystopian story of...deformed destiny.

Thanks so much for reading my friends (and enjoy!),



Isaac, an Algerian-American living in the suburbs outside D.C., was sent to the Middle Eastern engagement with the terrorist group ISIS. He, alongside his two friends from his American town, Ethan and Chris, were required to relinquish their youthful lives of carefree American living to dive into the hellfire that was modern anti-terrorism warfare in the Middle East. When Isaac returned home with Ethan and Chris, he found himself deeply thinking about the quality of modern patriotism.


ISAAC: I think the war jarred me and my basic sensibilities about what really qualifies as security in this era of anti-terrorism.


Isaac was to manage his uncle's baseball card store before he was summarily drafted into the ISIS war in the Middle East. When he returned home, he was thrilled to get the chance to run the baseball card store anyways, now that his uncle's business partner Mike had left town and departed for the Virgin Islands. Isaac decided to manage the baseball card store with his war-buddy and townie-chum Chris. However, Ethan didn't want to be part of this post-war business enterprise.


Isaac got back together with his African-American girlfriend Edie. He moved into her apartment and began paying rent with her when money started coming in from his baseball card business he ran with Chris. Isaac was also dating another African-American woman in his small town outside D.C. before going off to the 'ISIS War' but learned she'd been unfaithful while he was a servicing soldier. When he got back home, he decided to get back into the arms of the waiting Edie. He wanted a normal life again.


D.C. is a marvelous capital city in the world. There's lots to do here, and the design and layout are breathtaking. However, there's lots of world temptations, including the Chase National, a large bank catering to the city's most wealthy investors. That's what Ethan told his war buddies Chris and Isaac they should focus on after their war experience. According to Ethan, the 'perfect bank robbery' would ideally cap off their undesirable jaunt in the hell-world of ISIS in war-ridden Middle Eastern terrain. Ethan said this heist would re-orient them back into their sane adventurous imaginations in the city they earlier viewed as innocent and untouchable.


The Chase National was managed by the two capitalism barons Eileen Roth and Jack Hugo. These two D.C. fat-cats ensured their bank was security primed, and every Friday afternoon on the second and fourth weeks of almost every month, a rich armored truck would arrive at the bank with bags of cash from investors around America banking with Chase. Eileen and Jack never envisioned that three wartime disillusioned D.C. suburban looney-tunes would plan some kind of fantasy robbery.


ISAAC: When the armored truck arrives, Chris'll hit it with his acid-gun.
ETHAN: Right, then I'll escort one of the drivers into the vault with my acid-gun.
CHRIS: Isaac should have necessary room to manage the crowds inside and outside.


The plan went without a single hitch. Isaac, Chris, and Ethan ran off that Friday afternoon with $2 million worth in cash, with the stark images of dead presidents printed on the dollar bills. They hid the money in the attic of Isaac's uncle's apartment, above their baseball card store. Isaac then took $100K of the money and gave it to his girlfriend Edie, telling her to meet them in the Virgin Islands once they'd fled and to use KLM to get there.


CHASE MANAGERS: We're horrified by this awful heist, and we're planning on how to avenge this loss of insured assets!


THE POST: There are street rumors and now fables that these heist dancers may be civil servants or army-men!


Now, incidentally, these 'acid-guns' that Isaac, Chris, and Ethan used for their daring bank robbery in D.C. were simply toy water-rifles inserted with a protective glass tube filled with corrosive HCL acid. These guns were useful in their threatening poses but basically also to melt open the doors and sides of the parked armored truck and the vault door inside the bank. Afterwards, Isaac went to church and decided to pray and thanked Jesus he didn't have to actually fire the hot gun at any human target. He then started brooding on the nature of the vile weapons he'd used during his ISIS war experience in the Middle East.


AMERICAN PRESIDENT: We're sad to think these thieves may have been servicemen, and the acid-guns they used are evil.


A US senator, African-American, decided to speak out on the rumors that the thieves were former US servicemen of ethnic minority descent. She stated in house and in the media that modern day benefits for wartime veterans should include psychiatric welfare attention, and this heist was a clear sign that today's servicemen are not treated as 'normal' citizens with basic frailties requiring everyday normal civil supervision. This was a time of great sadness in the otherwise self-willed USA.


ISAAC: I ran off with the money to the Virgin Islands with Edie, and the last thing I remember now is that ugly war in 'Arabia.'


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

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