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Sep 4, 2008
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Defense-related expenditures outside of the Department of Defense constitute between $216 billion and $361 billion in additional spending, bringing the total for defense spending to between $880 billion and $1.03 trillion in fiscal year 2010

Military budget of the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The United States intends to buy a total of 2443 aircraft for an estimated $323 billion, making it the most expensive defense program ever.[14]
F-35 Lightning II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Now while I'm not one for just turning swords into plow-shares, I have for the past several months watched both sides in Washington talk back and forth about out of control spending and some proposed solutions floating around. For years DoD has been a bloated mismanaged department that needs to be brought in line. While no economics major, it would seem to me that if the US were to do things like purchase the F-15 Silent Eagle which is cheaper and performs just as well as the JSF your looking at saving 100 billion dollars in just that program alone and getting the same number of aircraft with better performance. Our adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan and the costs for those efforts need to come to an end , especially Afghanistan where a nation that does not want us there , and will in all likelyhood revert to tribal warfare once we leave is an effort that is not worth one more drop of American blood or the blood of any of our allies. So Washington in their wisdom is looking for ways to cut spending. , do that and over 10 years you have saved over 2 trillion dollars. When the DoD builds excess aircraft that the USAF has constantly told congress they do not need and this goes on , on a regular basis at DoD is not hard to figure out they are spending wrecklessly. Perhaps its time to take a look at how DoD does things.

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