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Covid 19 is spreading in your community...


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Oct 22, 2016
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The scenario has been posted at length, here:
’Without a shadow of a doubt the Western world is facing a demographic nightmare with not enough working tax payers to support the pension and health care systems that are being crippled by the baby boomers. To remove a large percentage of the retired population would certainly solve the problem. After all, with the exception of childbirth, the majority of health care costs are generated by the elderly and the disabled and any country would be better off financially if their numbers were decreased.

And it’s not just governments who would benefit but also private companies who have pension schemes. Since the 1980s, private pension pots have been used as cash assets and now many of them are struggling to pay out. There is definitely a pension crisis looming and so to remove the pensioners would avert disaster. Before modern medicine, population levels would show as a pyramid with more people on the bottom layer and as they aged they would die off. But with our current system of extending life and avoiding death from accidents and infections, combined with a falling birthrate, that pyramid has inverted. It’s top-heavy and unsustainable.’


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Dec 25, 2018
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But I'm not. This is only happening in your mind. I can't help that.
Jobs, public transportation, cruises, stores, food emporiums, and others are denying. Sounds like the Bible...Buy and Sell...Buy and Sell....Buy and Sell...You listen to people who demean and slander, destroy and make nasty snide jokes of others who think a bit more concerned on left wing agendas. But trounce on them for something like this. To many of you want Non Progs killed. When the time comes it will be horrible.

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