Clinton Scandal Avalanche: Bombs Too Numerous to Cover, Too Unspeakable to Mention


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Mar 9, 2014
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Waiting on the Cowardly Dante!!
Be a gentleman to her Donald....Let AG Rudy rip her and her corrupt team apart!!!

Hillary Clinton’s ties to convicted child traffickers and pedophiles, a child sex island, occult/satanic rituals, voodoo — even cannibalism? It’s the kind of stuff one might expect in a supermarket tabloid, along with headlines like, “I was abducted by 3-headed Martian,” and “I was impregnated by a Sasquatch.” But even the most inventive and salacious pulp fiction writer would have trouble coming up with some of the incredible revelations concerning Bill and Hillary Clinton and her top campaign staff that have broken in the past few days before the November 8 election. The main problem is, the avalanche of sensational (and stomach-churning) exposés have been coming so fast — from WikiLeaks and other independent sources — and so close to the election deadline that it is nigh unto impossible for media organizations to sift, digest, research, and authenticate the evidence and place it in context. That’s only a problem, of course, for the “alternative media,” such as The New American and other freedom-oriented news groups. For the so-called mainstream media (MSM), the big problem has been how to bury these stories with anti-Trump articles and other distractions so that the pro-Clinton MSM propaganda can deliver a Clinton-Kaine victory.

The latest Podesta-Clinton WikiLeaks revelations underscore Kallstrom’s foreboding assessment. They are the most unnerving and gut-wrenching e-mails yet, because they deal with matters so unspeakably disgusting, evil, and revolting that they are truly difficult to comment upon. This goes beyond the already-known awful crimes and abuses associated with compromising national security with personal e-mails (and lying about it) and turning the Secretary of State office into a massive personal profit center for the Clinton Foundation. The latest e-mail releases take one on an abysmal journey into the heart of darkness.

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