Chrispie challenged to "foot race" by 87 year old Senator?



Mr. Christie has called the senator “so out of touch and so partisan,” someone who can only “blow hot air.” More recently, Mr. Lautenberg has called the governor “the king of liars” and a bully.

Last month, Mr. Christie criticized Mr. Lautenberg’s conduct in the federal debt ceiling debate. “The tone is awful,” the governor said. “I don’t know why he’s so angry, you know? He’s in his 80s and in good health.”

Mr. Lautenberg, 87, said, “If the governor wants to challenge my age, I am ready for a foot race whenever he chooses.”

Depending on whose partisans are interpreting the exchange, that was a crack about the senator’s age followed by a dig at the governor’s obesity.


My money is on the Senator.

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