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Bull Ring Challenge to Fort Fun Indiana: replicating medical study of Christian spiritual healing


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Jan 21, 2010
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Okay, now I am going to call Fort Fun Indiana to either retract a claim of no scientific evidence and/or to agree on a subject of a study to replicate similar findings.

Here is the reference to the medical study on RA

I can post or mail FFI the book on HEALING that describes some of the exceptional results of the study, which was funded by Templeton Foundation and published in a formal medical process under professional peer review and other standard procedures as any other study.

Again, some areas I would like to target to replicate studies
1. Schizophrenic patients hearing voices or exhibiting demonic personalities or obsessions
2. Eating disorders or phobias that if reduced can start saving lives and health from death or damage with more immediate short term results that can be documented over shorter periods
3. Longterm cases of pedophilia and criminal disorders by birth or by irreversible abuse, for studies over longer periods to develop methods of diagnosing relapses and remission and stages of recovery by degrees even if conditions are chronic or terminal
4. Healing political relationships and increasing ability of leaders of nations, parties or other larger institutions to collaborate on consensual solutions instead of fighting over conflicts using adversarial tactics, like coercion war bullying political or military force, that damage or destroy relationships instead of building constructive partnerships.

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