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CDZ Cash Transfer Programs

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Nov 1, 2015
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Washington, D.C.
This year, four researchers published results of their empirical study about the nature and extent to which cash transfer programs discourage individuals from working. Want to know what they found and how they found it? Click the link and then read the paper, the whole paper. I'm not going to summarize the paper so that folks can sit at their computer and try to refute the summary and ignore the paper itself, its findings, the research methodology and so on.

If after having done so, you have similarly rigorous refutations, rebuttals and/or corroborations of the content in the paper, this a the thread for you to share them. If you have nothing to offer but your weakly supported or outright unsubstantiated opinion, insults and/or off topic remarks, please create your own thread where you can share those ideas.

I didn't read the paper before starting this thread. From my initial scan of it, I did notice that the research includes a summary of results from 21 studies, covering 17 conditional or unconditional cash transfers programs that do not have explicit work requirements. Something that's highly valuable and not often included in final published works in such a highly organized fashion.
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