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Canada to bring feminism to NAFTA talks in seeking new chapter on gender


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Aug 6, 2012
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Seems to me some hope Trump will negotiate NAFTA in this manner to appease a handful of American let wingers and get a few votes, which we know wouldn't be the outcome. While Canada tries to ensure that the RCMP and their surrogates are allowed continued interference in U.S businesses in Canada. A crafty, "bait and switch" move. The RCMP and CSIS are probably giggling at their proposed tricky tactic.

Don't fall for it President Trump. Since Paul Ryans wise initiative to place border tariffs on foreign made goods fell through, the U.S has only a hardball left to play. Either get fair and backdated recover of jobs (in the 100's of thousands), or, time to move on from NAFTA and revert to former deal and work for bilateral agreements.

As I've said for months and shared with American politicians, free trade is great when nations actually operate in similar systems: Capitalism. Canada unfortunately does not and works hard to undermine American business opportunities and Right to Self Determination. As I've said, the grievance mechanism is of little value to America since the vast majority of abuses coming from Canada are covert. A Whistleblower complaint mechanism would be far better and ensure violating nations are exposed.

Canada to bring feminism to NAFTA talks in seeking new chapter on gender
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