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Aug 4, 2011
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This one is so good that it quickly made DU Funnies and freerepublic after Professor Jacobson posted it on his website. If Lizzzie Warren's teepee crashes and burns this November, it'll be mostly the result of the good Professor's diligent work, tirelessly slogging away, stripping the cover off of Ms Warren's fabrications, stitch by stitch, while pouring copious amounts of gasoline onto Lizzie's teepee, hopefully helping another affirmative action user and abuser bite the dust politically. The killer stroke might be the late 1800's news clipping about one of Lizzie's great great great grandparents actually shooting an Indian dead after the Indian (wound up on too much firewater perhaps?) wandered onto his property and probably got a tad bit abusive. None of this New York City Mayor Michael Bloomburg Nannystate style horsedung then. "You're on my property! You have no right being here! Bye! Bye!"
PS, for any of you who, upon hearing the word freerepublic, I know you're out there, have their knees jerk reflexively thinking freeper, then automatically start remembering the names Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, and James Chaney, spit on the ground, utter the word "Epheta" and start mixing your spit into with the soil with your finger, remember it was a freeper called "Buckhead", in reality a Georgia Republican Congressman, along with the three original fellas over at powerlineblog and of course the unexplainable Charles Johnson at littlegreenfootballs who exposed the Dan Rather/Mary Mapes "Fake but accurate" lie for what it was. I still get a kick out of watching the now much more elderly and still embittered, Dan Rather abusing young intrepid Conservative reporters pretending to interview him, but in reality more interested in rubbing additional salt into his wounds.

» I want this person to cry herself to sleep on November 6 - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
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