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Breakthrough Cases Are NOT the Problem


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Jun 9, 2011
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Hillbilly Hollywood, Tenn
Flu deaths are reported LESS stringently than Covid.

If Covid deaths were reported in the same manner as flu, the number of Covid deaths would be far higher.

This is totally basss- ackwards. The NEW standards adopted because of Covid funding IGNORE the actual health history and mortality risks of the patient.. The old standards DID NOT..

So someone with Congestive Heart Failure who probably would die from a COLD -- NOW is a Covid death.. Not true in the past flu season reporting.. Someone in terminal HOSPICE care with NO medical treatment applied on their DEATH BED could die "of covid"...

Because of the Fed reimbursements and funding that pays MORE for people who died of Covid.

Among other things..,.

Who's filling your head with this nonsense.. FIRE THEM, before they make you look stupid..


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Dec 21, 2016
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The first thing to know is that deaths due to COVID-19 and the flu are not counted in the same way
. This means comparing the numbers isn’t as straightforward as we would like.

Each death due to influenza in the U.S. does not have to be reported, so there is never a direct count. Each flu season, the CDC estimates deaths from the flu based on in-hospital deaths and death certificate data. They continue to update the data on their website as they collect it. Therefore, numbers from the last two flu seasons are not considered final just yet.

Conversely, each death due to COVID-19 is being recorded. The numbers you see and hear about are not estimates. So you can see how comparing mortality rates between the two isn’t exact at this point.


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Apr 23, 2017
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New Mexico

Covid deaths require a test showing covid is present. Flu deaths do not

Except that if covid was present, then the death is going to be recorded as a covid death whether it really was or not.
Those in ICUs likely will all test positive for covid, regardless of whether or not they have an active or significant case of it or not.
In fact, where they do universal testing on whole isolated populations, like convents, prisons, barracks, ships, etc., they are find half the people test positive.
A positive test then has little meaning as to whether or not you really have it.
So recorded covid deaths are likely much higher than real.
They should not call them covid deaths but deaths where the person also tested positive, because that is all they really are.

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