Boris Nemtsov and Alexander Litvinenko: Same actor dies twice:lluminati fake deaths


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Apr 26, 2014
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Boris Nemtsov and Alexander Litvinenko: Same actor dies twice.
Illuminati jokes beyond Nemtsov "killed" in front of Kremlin:
Same actor plays Boris Nemtsov and Alexander Litvinenko before hair loss due to plutonium
To refreh the cattle's memory about how they are mocked, hours after the second fake death of the actor playing Nemtso:
illuminati show him in another of his roles, "dead" Alexander Litvinenko, also "killed by Putin".

Boris Nemtsov playing the role of Alexander Litvinenko at 0:35

Illuminati faking deaths Oppositor Boris Nemtsov killed by Putin for dummies parallel script to Spock Anna Lindh reverse script to Anna Politkovskaya

Photo comparison using two snapshots from CNN video: at
Jokes by the Illuminati - mock the human cattle Nemtsov Litvinenko same actor dies twice


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Feb 6, 2011
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Thousands of Russians march in honor of Boris Nemtsov...

Thousands of Russians march in honor of slain opposition leader Boris Nemtsov
Feb. 27, 2016 -- Russians marched through Moscow on Saturday to honor the anniversary of political opposition leader Boris Nemtsov's death.
Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister, was shot four times in the back while crossing Moskvoretsky Bridge on Feb. 27, 2015. His supporters believed he was killed due to his strong opposition of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Nemtsov was set to lead a protest against Putin a day after his death. Tens of thousands of mourners remembered Nemtsov on Saturday by holding a ceremonial march near the scene of his death. "We're here to show we aren't scared, that we'll continue the fight for a new democratic Russia, which is what Boris Nemtsov died for," opposition lawmaker Dmitry Gudkov, 36, told the Wall Street Journal.

Police guarded the blocked off road as observers placed flowers, photographs and other gifts at the scene. Supporters have tried to maintain a shrine to Nemtsov on the bridge where he was shot, despite efforts by vandals and local authorities to have it removed. Activists also circulated a petition to have the bridge named after Nemtsov.

The public was prohibited from crossing the bridge, but U.S. Ambassador John Tefft was allowed to place a wreath with a ribbon that read: "From the American people." "We are here today to honour his memory, the values for which he stood and to express our hope for the future that some of the dreams that Boris Nemtsov had will come true in Russia," he said. Five Chechen men suspected of being contract killers face trial later this year in Nemtsov's death.

Tefft: Today we honor Boris Nemtsov's memory, the values for which he stood, and express our hope for the future.
— Will Stevens (@WBStevens) February 27, 2016

Thousands of Russians march in honor of slain opposition leader Boris Nemtsov
See also:

Russian Duma refuses to honor murdered opposition leader
Feb. 26, 2016 -- State Duma deputy Dmitry Gudkov expressed outrage that the Duma refused to honor the one-year anniversary of the murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was shot dead on the Moscow River Bridge last year.
"This issue is not politics, this is a question of ethics and the human relationship to the person who worked in the State Duma," Gudkov said, as reported by Russian news agency Rosbalt.

Duma Speaker Alexei Naryshkin said the Duma only holds moments of silence for people who are honored by the nation's president. Since Russia's President Vladimir Putin did not declare a day of remembrance, neither can the Duma honor the minute of silence for Nemtsov, Naryshkin said.

Moscow City Hall did agree to allow a parade and march on Saturday afternoon with an expected attendance of 50,000 people, reports Interfax. Two men, Anzor Gubashev and Zaur Dadaev, are still under investigation for the murder of Nemtsov, which took place hours after the Duma deputy asked the public to support a march against Russia's war in Ukraine.

Nemtsov was also reportedly working on a report on Russia's involvement in Ukraine at the time of his murder. His daughter, Zhanna Nemtsova, told the Guardian in 2015 that her father told her Russian troops are unofficially involved in Ukraine; that they officially resign from the Russian army, and then, on orders, go to Ukraine to fight.

Russian Duma refuses to honor murdered opposition leader

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